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Grade 8 class in Boca Raton moved by Margaret's Legacy

Margaret's Legacy's first speaking engagement in the USA.

Danna Horwood was impressed with the questions and insights shared by the students at the Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton, Florida.

All were completely attentive to Margaret and Arthur’s Story and shared their meaningful impressions with Danna about the documentary.

One student wrote; “While listening to this video, I realized how fortunate I am, and how I should take advantage and appreciate every little thing, every single day because the next day everything may be gone. We are so used to seeing our friends, family, teachers and neighbors every single day. I cannot even imagine going from normal, everyday life to something as horrifying as The Holocaust.”

Another student wrote; “In your grandparents’ story, it amazed me at how much G-d’s presence was there. I never thought that G-d was there to help us during The Holocaust, but now I do. I came to the realization of this during the part of your grandparents’ story of survival when your grandma switched shoes with her brother. Her shoes were new but he her brother’s were old. Sadly her brother got sent to the gas chamber and died, but your grandma survived. I thought it was amazing when you said if she hadn’t changed shoes with her brother she wouldn’t have had anything (of his), but since she did, she had his shoes.

I will never forget this story of survival, and I hope it will touch many more children's lives in the future.”

This experience drove Danna to reach more students around the world.

She became driven by the response of these students in response to the documentary and the discussion.

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