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Founder & Executive Director

Margaret’s Legacy was founded by Danna in 2008, with a modest goal of keeping her grandparent’s Holocaust story alive and relevant to her children and future generations. It quickly grew beyond its intended purpose, and took on a life of its own. 

Danna has been involved in many humanitarian, entrepreneurial and philanthropic projects that either Margaret herself was involved in, or that she initiated in her honor. In that spirit, she constantly reevaluates the direction of Margaret's Legacy to more effectively fill needs in the community.

She is actively working with organizations and professionals who are committed to changing the narrative and impacting change for our collective future. She has built a team that is constantly researching and developing programs, resources, and ideas that will enhance the mission of Margaret's Legacy.  



Program Coordinator

Rina has been a part Margaret’s Legacy since before it’s inception and has been an integral part of its growth process.


With an undergraduate degree in Interpersonal Justice and Human Rights, and many years of experience in the fields of Education, Educational Programming, and camp Directorship, Rina was naturally positioned to impact the success of Margaret's Legacy. Since all four of her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, this project was exceptionally close to her heart.


Rina is the co-owner of “NowWhat?”, a consulting firm, supporting families with children who have unique needs, helping guardians navigate through their educational, recreational and therapeutic challenges. 



Director of Communications & Media

Curriculum Development

With an undergraduate degree in Education, a collection of diplomas, certificates, and accomplishments in Digital Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, Illustration, Content, Curriculum Development and more, Rebecca is a valued addition to the team.


As a consultant for over 16 years, Rebecca successfully supported a diverse client base with varying needs. Ten of those years, Rebecca served as the Director of Communications & Media at her children's private school. In that time, she was able to impact change within the school system working on curriculum development and immersive cross-curricular events.


Rebecca is actively involved in evidence based research for her side projects, and as a hobby, she stays abreast of current and best-practice Education & Psychology trends. She is a published children’s book Author/Illustrator, and an aspiring Journalist.




Dennis Nash has been a dedicated teacher for the past 46 years, working with students at all levels of education from elementary school through to university.  He holds his B.A. in History with a minor in English from McMaster University and a M.Sc. in Deaf Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.  Dennis’ dedication to Holocaust education is evident in the many programs and committees that he has been – and continues to be – a part of, including:  the Hamilton Holocaust Education Committee; Undergraduate and Graduate of Holocaust Studies from Yad Vashem; a presenter at Yad Vashem in the educator program; March of the Living for Holocaust Educators; and an educator for Margaret’s Legacy.  Dennis was also the first to teach Holocaust education in Sign Language to the Provincial School for the Deaf in Milton, Ontario. 



Curriculum Development

Colin MacKenzie has been an educator for twenty years. His interest and passion in Holocaust education and social justice began when he was a young man, and continues to grow through personal education and experiences. Colin strives to promote understanding and acceptance by sharing his knowledge with students and peers, and through his interactions with community members.


When approached by Danna Horwood of Margaret’s Legacy to create curriculum to accompany the documentary, Margaret’s and Arthur’s Story, Colin was both honored and appreciative to have the opportunity to reach students across North America.


Living in the Valley of Nova Scotia, he continues his work in education with the support of his wife, Cary-Ann, and their family.



Curriculum Development

As a Behavioral Health Counselor in Chicago, IL, Shoshana works closely with patients struggling with a wide range of mental health disorders. She currently leads strategic development projects for “Hope For The Day”, a nonprofit organization with the mission of worldwide proactive suicide prevention.


In her experience volunteering and working for various inpatient units, research departments, and treatment centers in New York City and Chicago, Shoshana has been introduced to and touched by survivor's stories. She has made it her personal mission to help support them and their families overcome their challenges.

Shoshana is currently developing a program and curricular materials for Margaret's Legacy that will address a new demographic, hoping to provide support and encouragement to survivors who are charged with "peer supporting" the next generation in dealing with reverberating effects of the Holocaust. 

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