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From Hungary to Hamilton


Ghost written by the famous Allan Gould, Margaret & Arthur's story "From Hungary to Hamilton", is a moving and inspirational story of love, resilience, family, entrepreneurship, courage, and survival. This touching and historical accounting of the Weisz & Stadler families’ journeys before, during, and after the horrors of the Holocaust illustrates that one can overcome any challenge with grit, dedication, and perseverance. 

Arthur & Margaret, both from affluent families, grew up across the street from each other in Moson, Hungary. When Nazi terror spread to their town, Arthur lost his job and was sent to a forced labor camp. Margaret was sent to Auschwitz. They both lost many loved ones and much of their material belongings, but they built and re-built their lives together, over and over again - overcoming many challenges such as war, Nazism, starvation, Communism, illness and poverty.

The book is perfect for any history lover or for use in a novel study. 

Available in print and e-book format.



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