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Educational Philosophy


Because today’s youth are bound to pursue careers that don’t quite exist yet, we need to broaden the definition of student success and identify new objectives beyond the core curriculum.

We must teach students how to access information and inspire them to become lifelong learners through self-discovery, open dialogue and role-modelling.


Having a good role model to connect to has never been more critical to children’s emotional and educational well-being. We are no longer the spoon-feeders of the world – we are the live influencers that can make it or break it for our student’s long-term success.


And we have a LOT of competition with social media. So it's time to work with it instead of against it.

While we value classic learning tremendously, we also believe that empowering students to be their own teachers, influencers, and researchers is what will breed success for their future selves.

Margaret's Legacy develops curriculum that covers many ministry requirements and objectives, but is also is intended to infuse students with an ability and awareness to co-operate with their peers, self-reflect, self-regulate, and act with intention of personal goals - setting them up for technical success.

With the reality of survivors aging and passing, first-hand testimonies of the Holocaust are becoming rarer. It is thus becoming more critical to shift Holocaust learning objectives toward a deeper understanding.


We must empower the next generation to become upstanders and influencers in their own right by teaching love and tolerance for all people, regardless of race, religion, political view, body image, status, or gender. 


We must teach students how to identify their own core values without imposing our own agendas.


Accessibility and ease of use is of utmost importance.


If there is anything we can do to enhance or improve our curriculum, please be in touch! 

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated your visit earlier in the year and the lessons that you provided for our students. As part of our summative assessment for the grade 9's, I have been having conversations with my students about what they have learned this year. A great deal of them have taken this opportunity to reiterate the lesson that you taught them - that being the power of language and how we need to be aware of how we speak of and to other people in our daily lives. They also reflected on the consequences of standing by and doing nothing while others suffer. 


The program that you have put together has touched a great many of my students, and I believe it is a lesson that they will carry forward in their lives. I think it has helped my students to have empathy in their dealings with each other, and I feel it will have a lasting impact on their behaviour in the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to deliver this message!" 


- Catherine Ford

Hillfield Strathallan College

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