Welcome to Margaret's Legacy, founded in 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Danna Horwood. Our journey began as a dedication to providing high-quality Holocaust education, rooted in the micro-history of Horwood’s grandparents, survivors Margaret and Arthur Weisz.  

Having traversed Ontario, Quebec, New York, and Florida, Margaret’s Legacy has brought its message to thousands of students. Our strength rests in these experiences, engaging directly with diverse audiences, allowing us to share stories that transcend borders and resonate with hearts across the continent.  

We proudly present The Margaret's Legacy Holocaust Learning and Jewish advocacy Centre, set to open its doors in May 2024 and offering private and school tours in September 2024. We hope this centre serves as the local hub for a meaningful learning experience.

Holocaust Education
Empowering future generations with a deep understanding of the Holocaust's atrocities, its aftermath, and the repercussions of intolerance. 

Creating a space for productive conversations. 

Learning Opportunities
Offering enriching experiences for students, teachers, and the general public. 

Jewish Advocacy
Teaching how to advocate for Jewish issues.



In partnership with the Hamilton Jewish Federation, The Centre is currently under construction in their building at JHamilton. This collaboration further enhances our mission and the impact we aim to have on our community. 

The Centre will house the "Harriet Smiley Memorial Holocaust Collection," donated by Madeline S. Levy.

We thank Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, for its guidance and assistance in developing this centre.

Margaret's Legacy continues to expand its horizons by reaching every generation in profound and meaningful ways. Join us in this transformative journey of remembrance, education, and advocacy.