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Innovative curriculum & resources for the next generation, inspired by the lives of Margaret & Arthur Weisz.

Margaret's Legacy is devoted to the ongoing development of resources, curriculum and programs that capture the hearts and minds of today’s youth.

Our innovative, multidisciplinary approach to Holocaust and citizenship education takes the whole-child into consideration as it transforms lives. The curriculum is trauma informed, encouraging students to gain a better understanding and appreciation for their peers of all different backgrounds, family structures and struggles within their social settings and society. There is a strong focus on social and emotional development and mental health awareness.

We capture cross-curricular core objectives in social studies, history, geography, language arts, and creative arts. Many objectives in math & sciences can be integrated as well.


The curriculum is designed with middle school grades in mind, but can be easily differentiated and or adapted for older or younger students.  

"My hope is that by sharing what my grandparents overcame during the Holocaust and how they devoted the rest of their lives to helping others, they will be an inspiration for generations to come.”

– Danna Horwood

Margaret & Arthur's Granddaughter

Founder & Executive Director

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PD & Curriculum

Increase student engagement through our innovative multidisciplinary approach to Holocaust and citizenship education.

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Self-directed mini lessons are being rolled out over the next few months using the same multidisciplinary approach as the in-school curriculum.

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Engage your community in meaningful dialogue about today’s challenges, using the backdrop of the Holocaust as a springboard for discussion, in order to inspire positive change in the world.

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what we do

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Margaret’s Legacy was established to provide quality Holocaust education that breeds tolerance, inspires hope, builds leaders, and nurtures healthy dialogue, by using the micro-history of Margaret & Arthur Weisz as a springboard.

The development of educational resources, such as the film 'Margaret and Arthur’s Story' has positioned Margaret’s Legacy as innovators and leaders in Holocaust Education specifically geared toward youth.

Margaret’s Legacy has built a community around inclusiveness, mutual respect, and a thirst for understanding. This community is intended to build bridges in otherwise separate worlds and ideologies, with the intention of fostering harmonious relationships between sub-sects of religious affiliations, non-denominational groups, and across cultures, while each group preserving its individuality and sense of self.


With a strong dedication to research and education, Margaret's Legacy continues to expand its resources and reach people in profound ways.  


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