Margaret's Legacy
A story of courage, survival and love that educates about the need for tolerance and kindness.
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We can never forget...

It was one of mankind's darkest periods. It was a cruel and horrific time that we can’t allow younger generations to forget, so that we can avoid another genocide of this magnitude.

“The Holocaust” was the systematic murder of over 11 million people – six million Jews and five million citizens who were of other faiths, homosexuals or disabled – at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party, during WWII (1939-1945).

The early warning was the singling out of Jews with a number of arbitrary restrictions: Their businesses, homes and civil liberties were taken away, and they faced increasing violence. Many were forced to live in ghettos.

Under Hitler’s “Final Solution,” deportations began in 1941. As part of his plan to “cleanse” Europe, Jews, Roma gypsies, disabled persons and political dissidents were sent to concentration, labour and extermination camps. The treatment they faced in these camps usually led to death.

Can we stand by idly and allow future genocides? How can we educate younger generations, and ourselves, to recognize the signs of impending danger and prevent injustices to others?

Margaret’s Legacy’s mission is to keep the story of the Holocaust at the forefront of our minds, so its important lessons are never lost on future generations, and our youth can identify the hatred and bigotry that can lead to genocide.

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