Margaret's Legacy
A story of courage, survival and love that educates about the need for tolerance and kindness.
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Sponsor a School Presentation

You can support Margaret's Legacy to bring an important message to school children. It is a lesson that fosters peace, acceptance and tolerance.But, as with anything, there are costs associated with these efforts, such as travel, and therefore we ask for your generosity and provide us with a donation.

The speakers and people behind the scenes who make these school visits a reality are all volunteers, and so no money is going to salaries or remuneration. Your donation strictly covers out-of-pocket expenses to allow us to reach as many youth as possible. 

Sponsor a Presentation at a School of Your Choice

if you want us to visit a particular school, you can also direct your donation to that specific school.  We will contact the school, or if you have already inquired and opened the door, we will use your donation to finance our visit to that school of your choice.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly to answer your questions and confirm the details of your sponsorship.