Margaret's Legacy
A story of courage, survival and love that educates about the need for tolerance and kindness.
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Widespread interest has sent Danna Horwood into classrooms around the world to show Margaret and Arthur’s Story, and to explore the themes of tolerance and courage with young students.

The thirty-five minute video takes the audience on a journey before, during and after the Holocaust – as told by Arthur, Margaret and their descendants.

Their personal story of courage, survival and love is having a lasting impact on students of all ages – a message that gives younger generations a better understanding of what happened and why, and why we can’t allow history to repeat itself.

If you wish to explore the subject in depth, Danna can bring an educator, trained at the Yad Vashem Memorial Centre in Israel, or a Holocaust survivor to speak to your class or assembly to enhance learning.

Danna Horwood, Margaret's Granddaughter

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the schools for this presentation.

As a humanitarian project, Danna travels to your school and shows Margaret and Arthur’s Story free of charge. Her travel is funded through the Weisz Family Foundation, which supports Margaret’s Legacy and a number of other not-for-profit and charitable organizations

What to do next...

Use the form on our contact page to tell us what you have covered about the Holocaust to date, or if this will be a standalone presentation to explore the themes of tolerance and acceptance.

Tell us the size of your class or assembly, ages of the children and if you would like an educator trained at the Yad Vashem Memorial Centre in Israel or a Holocaust survivor to be part of the visit.

Provide some dates you would like to have us visit. Unfortunately, we can’t honour every request, but we will endeavour to fulfill your wishes and schedule a visit at a mutually acceptable time.

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