Margaret's Legacy
A story of courage, survival and love that educates about the need for tolerance and kindness.
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What is Margaret's Legacy?

Margaret’s Legacy is an umbrella agency that seeks to provide holocaust education through tools such as the video 'Margaret and Arthur’s Story.'

Young audiences around the world are gaining a better understanding of The Holocaust and its lingering effects as seen through the eyes of two young people - Margaret and Arthur Weisz.

Using their harrowing, yet inspirational story as a backdrop, Margaret and Arthur’s Story is a documentary produced specifically for young viewers to educate them about The Holocaust, its impact and the need for tolerance and acceptance in the world.

The documentary was produced by Margaret and Arthur’s granddaughter, Danna Horwood, who was struck by a question from her 11-year-old daughter Sari after Margaret’s passing in 2008: “Why don’t I know Grandma’s Holocaust story?”

This resonating question led Danna to make a film and after years of research, Margaret and Arthur’s Story came to be.

Margaret and Arthur’s Story chronicles the Weiszes’ experiences during WWII, their escape from Hungary to Canada and their new life in Hamilton. Told through the eyes of living Weisz descendants, this documentary addresses the themes of courage, survival and love, and educates youth about the need for tolerance and kindness in our world.

And in order to keep this story alive for generations to come, Danna has created an outreach program — Margaret’s Legacy.

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